What is Vivanoda?

Vivanoda is an independent website that allows you to compare and combine in a one search several modes of transport between two cities.

Why Vivanoda?

Vivanoda was born from this simple observation: most people are not aware of the transport options available to them to reach a destination, and searching on the Internet for this information is often very tedious.

Plane, train, long-distance coach, regional bus, ferry... today, a multitude of transport companies serve thousands of cities around the world. They are sometimes in direct competition (e.g. Plane vs. Train vs. Coach on a Paris-London trip or Air France vs. Easyjet vs. SNCF on Paris-Nice) but also sometimes complementary (e.g. Train+Plane for a trip between Angers and Malaga), which significantly increases the complexity of searching and comparing transport modes for a given trip.

Vivanoda attempts to answer the many questions that people may have when preparing a trip:
- "What is the transport offer to go to Bonn from Caen?
- "I live in Angers and plan to go to Venice, is it better to fly to Nantes or Paris?
- "The Paris-London train seems expensive, what alternatives are there by plane or bus?
- "I need to travel from London to Leeds in the UK, what means of transport can I use and where can I book a train or bus ticket?
- ...
How does it work?
When searching for transport options for a trip from one city to another, you simply enter your city of departure and destination in Vivanoda and the search result will present you with a list of routes combining air, rail, bus and ferry. These routes are ranked according to a performance index based, for example, on the number of changes, the distance of an airport from the centre of the city it serves... and independent of any commercial relationships. If a route is sponsored by commercial companies, it is clearly marked as a "sponsored route".

By specifying your travel dates, the application will query real-time fares and availability on partner travel sites, allowing you to compare offers and then make your booking.
Who is behind Vivanoda?
Nicolas Pellier Nicolas Pellier
Founder of Vivanoda.fr, Nicolas combined his passion for the world of transport and travel with his technical knowledge in computer science to realise his project: the creation of a platform allowing the search of means of transport to travel between two cities.
Clément Racineux Kalaostudio Clément Racineux
Artistic director of Kalao, a multimedia studio for visual communication (web, print, photo, videos), Clément created the model, the logo and the graphic charter of the website and continues to participate in the development of Vivanoda by advising on his fields of expertise.